SHANDONG SANFENG SESAME OIL CO., LTD, one of the leading professional manufacturers of sesame oil,was situated in Dongying city, Shandong province, China and estabilished in 2000.

We specialize in manufactuering and developing sesame seed oil, sesame paste, roasted sesame seeds and any other sesame products for 16 years. Our products have gained the certificate of FDA, HACCP and Organic food. Our product is widely used both in domestic and international market due to the superior quality, service and competitive prices.

Compared with mechanical expression, SHANDONG SANFENG SESANE OIL CO., LTD adopts ground by millstone and water-extraction the better production carft, which could kept the original scent and nutriment. As the industry leader in China, we export to USA, Canada, western Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand.

As part of our continued effort to expand our customer base and to provide consumers with high quality products, we had embarked on a long-term strategy to develop and market a wide range of sesame seeds based products.

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