——   one of the leading professional manufacturers of sesame oil   ——

Shandong Sanfeng Sesame Oil Co., Ltd, located at Gudao town of Dongying City, Shandong Province, was founded in 2000, with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. We have growing to professional manufacturer of sesame series products.

Our main products are roasted sesame seeds, sesame paste and sesame oil. They can be divided into three major classes, organic series, top quality series and qinshefang series.

Following the direction of “Being Nature”, we try our best to keep its own character, own color and own flavor without any addition from materials to products.

Our factory have passed the certifications of: Chinese Organic Certification,USDA, EOS, FDA, HACCP and ISO 9001.

Persisting in high quality, we have extended our business from China to European Union, North America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc. 27 countries and regions.

Warmly welcome customers home and abroad to visit us.

Founded in 2000
20 million yuan in annual export
A total area of 9,000 square meters

——   Insisting on using Chinese sesame seeds as raw material and traditional craft to produce, we make sesame products in various packages for supermarket, restaurant and factory  ——

227ml White Sesame Oil
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454g Black Sesame Paste
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454g White Sesame Paste
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
220g Organic Roasted White Seasame Seeds
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 — Has obtained HACCP, ISO9001, FDA, USDA, EOS and other certifications, and has won unanimous praise at home and abroad. —

Premium Sesame

100% domestic pure sesame seeds, full particles, uniform size, pure natural and no impurities

Process Controllable


Standardize operations, controllable 
processes, and maximize the details

Material Inspection

From the production water to the 
product packaging, all the materials tested by authoritative organizations are used, and the entire process is aseptic.

Certified Product

Has obtained HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000,FDA, USDA, EOS and other certifications, and has won unanimous 
praise at home and abroad.

Branded Advantages

In the 20 years since the establishment of the Sanfeng brand, relying on 
conscience to make products


 — Screening high-quality sesame seeds —

Mitutoyo sesame oil made a stunning debut at BioFach China
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Shandong Sanfeng Essential Oil Co., Ltd. achieved good results in China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
Shandong Sanfeng Essential Oil Co., Ltd. achieved good results in China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
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BIOFACH CHINA China Organic Exhibition
One hundred years of ingenuity, craftsmanship and craftsmanship, carefully polished "Sanfeng sesame oil" 丨 BIOFACH CHINA China Organic Exhibition
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 — Screening high-quality sesame seeds —

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